Size: Single Melt


Made from 100% Soy Wax, In small batches

Some discolouration may appear in the wax, due to the ingredients in the oils used.

> Mini Candles Use Cotton Wicks, with an approximate burn time of 40+ Hours.

> Large Candles Use Wooden Wicks / Ribbon Wicks*, with an approximate burn time of 70+ Hours.

*You may find a ribbon wick in place of a wooden wick for the large candle, as these were end of line wicks

> Mega Candles 4x Cotton Wicks with a burn time approximately 50+ hours**

**Burn time of 50+ hours is equivalent to burning 4 candles at once where each wick represents a single candle. 

Always burn on a heat resistant surface, within sight and out of reach of children and pets.
Avoid Drafts and direct sunlight. Keep away from anything flammable. Please handle with care as vessel and wax may become hot. Always burn candle for a minimum of 1 hour [ or until a complete melt pool on the surface has been established to avoid tunneling ] and no longer than 4 hours.

Wax Melts are great for filling a room with fragrance without having to light a candle for hours.... Pop one of our Flint and Wick Wax Melts in a wax melter or oil burner and let the heat of the tea light melt the wax. 

Available in all scents in our line. 


Single Melt 

6 Pack of Melts - all melts are in the one fragrance

Also available in a Sample Pack of 20 - features one of each of our fragrances.